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Corporate Social Responsibility

Make-A-Wish Turkiye, we have cooperated with different institutions for many years in order to realize the dreams of our children. During each Wish Journey, we have not only made the dreams of each child unforgettable but have also contributed to structure of our foundation.

While striving to create each dream as unforgettable, every Wish Journey is even more colorful than the other, and the number of Wishes granted have increased day by day.

Wish Design Workshop

We provide Empathy Workshops for companies that wish to support us with budgets that have been set aside by them for social responsibility projects. During our Empathy Workshop we then plan a magical Wish Day together with their teams, creating the most effective and wonderful plans together, for our Wish Children.

When the big day arrives, we work wonders supported by the whole corporate team and make our children’s dreams unforgettable.

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Wish Tree Project

The idea of the tree started with Christmas and New Year’s as it is the season of giving. However over the years the project has taken many shapes and sizes and can be a collection box or structure of any kind during anytime of the year. Together with our supporting companies we create an extraordinary event on special days such as company anniversaries, or social project days as well as New Year’s for companies we collaborate with.

The tree is designed physically or digitally and the wishes of Make-A-Wish Turkiye’s children are hung on each branch. Each wish has a different price category, and therefore all employees can grant a Wish in line with their own personal budget, making this project all inclusive to everyone


During the year many marathons take place within Turkey. You as an individual or together with your company can join our Make-A-Wish Turkiye team to run or walk together the during each marathon.  Not only is this a wonderful way to help collect donations but also tocreate great awareness as a team of Wish Heroes.

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Special Day Donations

You as an individual or your company can donate your special day, which could be a company anniversary, your birthday, a baby shower, wedding and many more. You can support us by sharing a link, that we prepare for you, a few days ahead of your special day with all your nearest and dearest and start collecting donations that will help us grant the wishes of the many waiting children.

Corporate E-Cards

To celebrate special days why not send an E-Card?  E-Cards can be purchased individually or by your company for all the important days throughout the year such as Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s/Father’s Day, Women’s Day, and many more, your purchase will support the granting of children waiting for their wishes to come true.


Wish Shop

Shop on our online gift shop! You as an individual or your company can purchase gifts via our Wish Shop, where we sell a variety of different products and with each purchase you will help us take one step towards granting another wish! Our gifts are perfect for Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s/Father’s Day, Women’s Day, and many more.

Brand Collaborations

If you company has a product besides our existing projects, that you would like to collab on with us, please contact us as we can either place them on our website where a percentage of the proceeds is donated to us, or we can launch an uniquely designed product together. Either way each donation goes towards supporting our Wish Children. There are no limits to imagination where projects are concerned!

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