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What is the Share My Dream Project?

The support of our educational institutions is of great importance to us as we believe the future of empathy and social awareness rests on the young. It gives us incredible strength to see the dynamism, energy and great ideas of young people in our work.

Students actually go through a very enterprising and productive process during their educational years. During this process, together with Make-A-Wish Turkiye they also get the chance to gain unforgettable experiences and memories. 

The “My Dream Project” is directed at young students to bring them together and teach them social awareness. By participating in this project, students can make hundreds of children happy, redefine themselves and their inner worlds with the experiences they gain, as they have the opportunity to look at the world from a much more special window.

Our young volunteers have the chance to do great things by embracing and taking part in new projects and we look forward to welcoming them and sharing with them the Wish Journey of many waiting children. 

What Can We Do as part of the Share My Dream Project?

By establishing a  Make-A-Wish Community/Club at your school, you can produce Social Responsibility Projects that will help grant the wishes of our children, or you can participate in our wish fulfillment events, which are unforgettable experiences.

You can make a wishing child’s wish unforgettable by organizing birthday donation events and granting dreams.

You can support us by creating awareness amongst many more students by carrying out projects/events such as seminars that will support many Social Responsibility courses.

You can make your loved ones smile by sending them one of our Gift E-Cards, and at the same time help us to make more children happy.


Share My Dream Project Partners

With the Share My Dream Project, life changing wishes begin with you! 
Join this Goodness Movement and become a Share My Dream Volunteer!
Check out our project partners in detail by clicking the button below.

For detailed information on how to establish a Share My Dream Club/community, you can contact us via

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