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Who Are Wish Children?

Children between the ages of 3 and 18 that are struggling with life-threatening illness, that can express themselves orally or in writing, and whose serious illness has been approved by a certified doctor. Every child whose application is approved is considered a Wish Child by Make-A-Wish Turkiye®


Wish Journey

1- Children’s Application

First step, the families or doctors of our children contact us. We then register the information of our Wish Child and examine the health reports. We then acquire the doctor's approval to assure that the wish realization process will not cause any negative impact on the child’s health.


2- Wish Capture

Following approval, we visit our Wish Child and its family. During this visit, we determine each individual environment of every child.

We then have a one-on-one meeting with our Wish Child, where we embark on a magical journey to discover the child's imagination through our Wish Book or Wish Box, depending on age. In this way, we gather vital information to ensure we compile comprehensive information on the individual Wish of each child.


3- Wish Journey

Once we have the necessary information on our child's wish, we start to plan the realization of her or his dream. During the realization process of each wish, we sweeten the journey by surprising our children with small gifts during the waiting period, giving them something to look forward to.


4- Wish Day

The Wish Day is planned like a special celebration, as we strive to give them a day they will never forget. While creating these moments we fill them with hope, joy, and happy memories. Our mission is to show them that nothing is impossible, that anything is possible if they believe. Our goal is to provide them with motivation that helps them fight their illness as well as confidence and self-worth. 

With each Wish that is granted, the power of the Wish creates hope,
empathy and transformation for the child and within society.

More than Medicine

As children struggle with life-threatening illness the joy of their childhood is taken away from them. They go through a very exhausting process both emotionally and physically.
Wishes are a journey that give children the opportunity to focus on other things besides their illness. Wishes brings back that childhood feeling of amazement to each individual child and a normalized life process to their families.

Studies and doctors agree that wishes fulfilled can help improve a wishing child’s quality of life and impact their health positively.
Make-A-Wish Medical Advisory Board Members state that fulfilled wishes have positive effects beyond medicine that change the lives of Wish Children and their families for the better.

The Effect of Fulfilled Wishes on Children

Physical difficulties experienced by Wish Children due to treatment decreased by 


The energy level and vitality of Wish Children increased by


The motivation to hold on to life of Wish Children increased by


Healthy communication amongst Wish Children and their friends increased by


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